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WAN HAI LINES (the "Company") solemnly declares that the Company is a safety-certified and good-quality enterprise (AEO), and is always the top of container shipping schedule reliability recognized by this industry for long. Also time and again has always been globally ranked No. 1 in schedule reliability and awarded "Container Shipping Line of The Year India-Far East Trade Lane". In strictly accordance with the requirements of international laws, our vessels and any chartered vessels comply with the international safety standards, laws and regulations, and properly provide container transportation services according to the legal rights of voyage, routes and shipping dates of the Company, and does not ever encounter any obstructions or sanctions, including the embargoes or prohibitions, in any country or sea area.

It is known that there is improper individual attempts to interfere with the good reputation of the Company which always maintains the sound operations and is a carrier of considerable standing, by maliciously disseminating the false and inaccurate information that "the vessel of WAN HAI 313 is subject to sanctions and so on…". Accordingly, the Company solemnly announces to our customers and the public to be cautious of the false information. In order to protect our legal rights and the rights of customers, the Company has also designated the Attorneys and related authorities to actively collect the relevant evidence for further investigation and compensation. It is hereby declared for the public acknowledge to ensure a correct understanding of the true facts.