DG Goods Announcement

Dear Customers
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your continuous supporting to Wan Hai Lines.
As your satisfaction of our service and the safety of your valuable cargoes are always our greatest concerns, we have to invite for your kind attention to the proper procedure when consigning HAZARDOUS CARGO. For which is not only the way to secure ocean transportation, but also a very important issue all of us must consider.

Customers are mandatory to declare hazardous cargo before booking spaces from carriers so that carriers are able to arrange suitable stowage based on the declaration. We therefore sincerely appeal to all of our customers that when entrusting hazardous cargoes, except for proper packing and hazardous marks on the goods based on the relevant conventions, laws, standards and rules, it is very important for you to give carriers a clear notification, make special remark on Shipping order and fill in all relevant forms such as Dangerous Cargo Declaration Form.

Since it is the shippers' responsibility to declare dangerous cargo, Wan Hai will have no alternative but to hold your good company legally liable for all losses of Wan Hai and any other third parties caused by any accidents resulted from any failure and omission of your obligation.

Your understanding to the above and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours